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A strong and distinctive product design is a necessity in today’s high competition market. But having a beautifully-designed, modern-looking digital product is only half a story. You also need to take care of the ease of use and intuitiveness. We will help you create a digital product by listening to your users and understanding your business needs.


How to design an Intranet for several thousand employees of one of the largest shoe retail brands in Europe?

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optAd350 project
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Does design accelerate business growth?

Good design isn’t just the looks. It stems from understanding your users, their needs and the environment they will use your product in. Businesses that listen to users feedback and design their products around it have a higher chance of beating the competition, increasing sales or retention and creating loyal customers.

Do I need digital product design?

Digital product design is useful whenever you face one of the below situations.

Launching a new product

Introducing a digital product to the market is a challenge we would love to take on. Our experience helps you build the right thing in an optimal time.

Competency boost

You have an internal development team that could make the product but they lack design skills or you need an access to a fresh view on UX or UI.

Optimising for conversions

UX design with its stress on user can help you optimise your product so that you see revenue increase and get happier users.

Building an MVP or adding features

Either you want to decide what your MVP should be or you plan a product roadmap, we can help you design and develop it.

What is the process?


The design starts with a workshop where we explore your business, talk with stakeholders, and together we explore who the end user is, so we get a clear picture of who we design for. We fill out User Centered Design Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas, etc. that provide the foundation for further work.

Research & Analyses

Insightful research is a cornerstone of good design. So, we do more research, analyzing your competition, any quantitative and qualitative data you have to establish the strengths and weaknesses of the project. We create a user persona and draw customer journey map to see what kind of experience your product should deliver.

Concept & Validation

We ideate on the solution that would be easy and delightful to use for your target group. We build information architecture and user flows to validate our idea. Then, we sketch the product, make wireframes, create prototypes. Each of this step is preceded by user tests and goes through lots of iterations. We want to make sure we’re on the right path.


Once we have UX design, we design graphical user interface. We choose the right colours, fonts, pictures and illustrations to make your product appealing to the target user. A beautiful interface makes your product a joy to use and come back to.

Design System

There’s a high chance you want to add new features or optimise existing product in the future. To keep this unique product experience we’ve just created, we will create a design system for you. Anytime you change or add something, you will stay on brand and create a unified brand.

Continuous optimization

Our work doesn’t have to end with designing digital product. We can help you optimise it for conversions. We can monitor Google Analytics data, analyse user flow and implement necessary improvements.

What is our workflow?

We adapt to you

We can work in agile or adjust our workflow to yours in any way; if you work in an agile environment, such as Scrum, we design 1-2 sprints before design hand-off.

We are communicative

We work on Sketch or Adobe XD. We share with you the designs on Invision, so you can comment on them or show them to stakeholders. We use for documenting, creating assets library or style guides.

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We are transparent

We will stay in touch with you via Basecamp, Skype or use any tool you love, such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc. You will get consistent updates on the progress we make.

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