Brand Design

Do you have a business idea but you can’t find a proper name for it? Maybe you know what your brand should look like, but you don’t know if it sells? This is the very moment when you should share your vision with a team of professionals who will design your brand and add to it a unique character that will make it stand out from the crowd.

What is brand design?

A brand is more than just a logo. A brand is a collection of feelings that it evokes. The logo has an impact on our perception, but many things influence the overall feeling. Think of a brand as a person who has their unique character (brand archetype), who not everyone agrees with (positioning), who has a name and wears a particular clothing style (logo and naming), has values (brand claim), and they use a language that reflects their surroundings. It’s a person who is easy to spot among other people.

Do I need this service?

Brand design comes in handy when you create a new brand or you feel that the way you communicate is scattered and out of control.

Brand strategy

If you’re just starting out, you need to build a unique brand strategy that corresponds with your brand and attracts the right customers.

Brand lift

We will help you invigorate your brand and match the way it communicates with the value it represents.

Brand repositioning

For a brand to reach its target customers, it needs strategic positioning. We will conduct workshops will help you get there.

Brand care

We manage your brand and make sure its well taken care of. We will help with its digital and real-world presence. We will take care of it even if it grows up.

What does the process look like?

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Brand strategy

We start with an interview during which we get to know you and your target groups – who they are, what they are trying to achieve, what problems you’re solving for them.

Research & Moodboards Created with Sketch.

Research & Moodboards

After a quick interview, we start digging deeper. At this stage we synthesize the information we got from you with our research. We create moodboards to inspire design process.

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We start designing your brand based on all of our research. This is the stage in the process is where the magic happens.

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Feedback & Revision

We wait for your feedback on the finished project. After we get a green light, we polish a brand book with a full brand design.

What do I get?

In terms of brand design service, you get a high-polished brand book that serves as a North star for your brand. It contains information that helps you maintain brand consistency throughout your company.


We come up with a logo that clearly communicates your brand values.

Key visual

It’s an important piece of the puzzle that sets a direction for your brand communication.

Brand Guide

It contains information about the tone of voice and style of communication that your brand embodies.

How does it look like?

Every brand needs a slightly different approach, but we always strive to find a target audience’s perspective and try to connect it with our clients’ business goals. Take a look at the different ways of communication of the brands we helped out.

Magic of technology

We helped build Nokia Garage’s brand and define their mission, vision and brand values that would reflect what the brand stands for and who it aims to attract.


Digital transformation

We helped redesign Seiloc’s brand so that it better communicates what this cloud tech company is all about – bringing technology transformation to companies around the globe.


Shine bright like a diamond

We helped LARU undergo a complete identity overhaul and embrace a novel approach to designing and showcasing collections.


Specific product - unique brand

We helped in naming, designing a new logo, developing the brand’s visual identity, and planning and overall strategy.


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