Brand Care

Any brand needs special treatment regardless of the stage and context they find itself in. They need special attention when they’re small, but it doesn’t mean they should be left to their own devices as they get bigger. They just need to deal with different set of problems. It doesn’t matter if you need to take care of your brand in the analogue or digital world, we will manage your brand at every step.

What is brand care?

A brand care service is nothing else than taking care of your brand. Dealing with conflicting priorities all the time result in an inconsistent brand communication across the channels. The brand is getting out of control and starts living its own life. Giving a trusted partner a few responsibilities connected with the brand guarantee you that the brand is in line with its mission, vision and that it has a coherent visual language.

Do I need this service?

Opting for a brand care service, you will get more than just a person who oversees your brand. We will advise you at every stage.

Consistent brand voice

A conscious brand that has its own voice, right from the first days uses it to attract perfect customers that continue to believe in you. We will help you find this voice and maintain it irrespective of communication channel.

Business growth

Giving away responsibilities concerned with maintaining a cohesive brand allows you to focus on the strategic decisions you need to make to push your business forward. We will make sure your brand does not lose its power it has worked on for so many years.

Strong product ecosystem

An ecosystem of products requires consistent branding to show that they are managed by the same brand, and thus can be trusted. It underlines harmony and professionalism of the brand. We will have your back and take care of your portfolio.

Instant brand recognition

The crowd can instantly recognize that a given visual or a statement has been made by you. It will help you bypass the information high way and get the attention of your target customer. It’s almost a given.

What does a process look like?


We will schedule a meeting so that we can get to know you and your brand. If you’re just starting out, we will work on your brand voice, positioning, etc. together and then, get to work. If you’re an established brand, we will strive to learn more about you and read your brand book.

Research & Analysis

We will search for inspiration, check your competition to see how you can differentiate yourself. Then, we will propose a solution to you. We will create key visuals that would be suited for the analogue world (business cards, illustrations, promotional brand materials, etc.) and the digital one (website, social media, special effects).

Continuous support

From now on, we will help you maintain your brand at every step. We will catch up with you every day. Anytime you would go to events, create a new website, presentation, you name it, we will be by your side, supporting your brand with our super powers.

Monthly reports

The end of the month is a perfect moment for summing up our progress. Thanks to the reports, you will learn how much time we spent working on your brand and it will give us space to start thinking about tasks for an upcoming month.

What do I get?

A partner who will take care of your brand at every point. We will manage its integrity both in the real and digital world.

You will be in a constant communication with project manager. Plus, we will assign you a team of professionals – designers/developers who will help you create a consistent brand on the internet and creating business cards, leaflets, event materials, and much more. If you decide to work with us, you can relax. We will be there for you.

Would you like us to take care of your brand?

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