UX e-commerce audit

Do you want to increase your e-commerce sales without increasing your marketing spend? Are you wondering why your customers are not completing their purchases? The solution is an e-commerce usability audit which will allow you to identify the main UX issues of your shop.


UX/UI for e-commerce

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UX/UI - ecommerce redesign

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How much does an e-commerce UX audit cost?


8-10 days

PLN 6000

  • analysis of the shopping process (home page, product listing, product page, basket, checkout)
  • analysis of customer account, transactional e-mails, refund procedures
  • a report with recommendations for change and determination of the gravity of errors
  • 1h of consultation – discussion of results and recommendations
  • analysis of statistical data 
  • behavioral data analysis (recordings of user sessions, click maps, scroll depth maps)
  • website accessibility analysis
  • analysis of service performance/speed

What is an e-commerce UX audit?

An e-commerce usability audit is usually carried out using several methods. It is an expert audit, so its quality depends on the knowledge and experience of the auditor. The usability expert goes through the service as a service user would. He checks it against good practices (e.g. Nielsen heuristics, or Google’s e-commerce recommendations, for example). He presents his recommendations in the form of a report – the errors described are given weights so that an action plan can be put in place and the critical issues addressed first.

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