About us

Think of us as steroids for your Scale Up, Software House or development department. We extend your team's competences to include User Experience, Product Design, Development and Digital Branding skills.

For over 10 years, the interactive agency mohi.to has been helping ambitious brands to move around in the digital world.

Who likes to work with us?

Gathering experience for over 10 years, we have worked with companies and institutions from many different industries. However, our cooperation with companies that create digital products - for themselves or for their customers - is particularly fruitful.

Software houses

The largest group of our clients are technology companies – software houses, IT companies, development departments in IT companies.

We will support you not only at the stage of designing, but also at the stage of developing a product concept, and strategic and business decisions.

Digital products / brands

We are often chosen by Start-ups and Scale-ups. The former we help in complex product development, the latter in optimization of existing solutions.

They’re a creative and interactive agency, and they’re my top pick.

Andres Golebski


When they committed to something, they definitely delivered.

Jonathan Padilla


We felt that they really cared about the project, and weren’t just doing a job.

Mariusz Kowalewski


Over the past 10 years, mohi.to agency has had the pleasure of working for many great clients.

How are we doing?

We're probably working on an exciting project but we do our best to keep you updated.

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