Medicine is a popular Polish clothing brand. Their items are created by Polish designers, often in collaboration with famous artists who make unique collections for the brand.



Scope of work

E-commerce UX/UI Design

The challenge

Medicine came to us with a plan to redesign their site in order to improve its functional and visual layers.

Our main goal was to increase the conversion rate by identifying weak points in the purchase path and proposing more effective solutions. A side goal was to give the website a new character, more consistent with current trends in design. Another problem that the client faced were problems with managing the visual layer of the site stylistic inconsistencies that negatively affected its reception. Our task was to develop a set of rules for creating graphic elements for the website.


We began with a discovery phase where we spoke to project stakeholders to identify goals, challenges, concerns and requirements. When starting an e-commerce redesign, it is important to organise the knowledge that is already available within the organisation.

It is often the case that many problems are already known to the website management, development or analysts, but usually the most valuable ones are reported by the users themselves, e.g. via chat on the website, questions to the service department, etc.

The e-commerce UX audit performed by our researchers and designers allowed us to find the main issues that needed to be solved during the design phase. In addition to the quantitative analysis, we also looked at user behaviour on the website.

When it comes to e-commerce redesign, the main concern of people responsible for running it is the risk of worsening the current indicators of the shop. Therefore, while analysing the website, we also focused on identifying those areas that function correctly.

A step that is always worth taking at this stage is also to analyse the competitors’ solutions.

The design process covered the main purchase path (home page, product listing, product card, shopping cart, checkout), as well as other areas (search engine, customer account, faq, clipboard, etc.).

To speed up the work of the development department, we created all desktop/mobile views and assisted on an ongoing basis with development work.

When designing the website, we used the elements that functioned well in the previous version this allowed us to implement the new layout at the same time (without splitting the introduction of changes into stages spread over time).


Thanks to a proven design process, redesigning a developed and smoothly functioning e-commerce site does not have to be risky. Our flexible approach to cooperation resulted in a project delivered on time and within budget. It also minimised risk and resulted in a positive increase in key e-commerce metrics.

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