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7 out of 10 digital products fails because target users do not get them. Well-designed projects have more engaged, loyal and active users. An experienced UX agency takes care of your app, website or e-commerce usability, creating delightful customer experiences.


How to design an Intranet for several thousand employees of one of the largest shoe retail brands in Europe?

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UX/UI for e-commerce

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What is UX Design?

User Experience Design is a process of designing digital products that are easy to use, create a great, enjoyable experience, and solve important problems for the user. UX design is a wide concept that entails usability, design, branding and technical aspects of creating a new solution.

Our offer for this service contains creating high-fidelity prototypes. If you need to validate a product idea, optimise your digital solution or design a full product, we can do that too.

What are the benefits of good User Experience?

A positive user experience can influence every part of your business.

Boost in ROI

The user who think positively about the UX of your digital product has a higher chance of becoming a customer.

Retained customers

If users feel comfortable on your site or in an app, then they will come back for more and won’t feel a need to switch to an alternative.

Positive brand image

UX has a great impact on the user’s opinion about your brand. Is it friendly, knowledgeable or it pales in comparison with your competition?

Additional benefits

It can help you optimise your business and improve workflow. UX lowers support tickets and makes onboarding easy, plus much more.

What does the UX process look like?

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We will conduct workshops in order to meet you, learn everything there is to know about your project, talk with stakeholders and get a grasp on their understanding of the project and who the user is. It’s necessary to get your perspective.

Research & Analyses

We will interview your users, create personas, go through customer journey. We will choose the most important features and information for the project and the user. We will develop an information architecture, sitemap and user flow diagram.


After taking everything we’ve learned so far into consideration, we start designing. We create a low-fidelity prototype, test it with the user until we have all the answers on what to improve on. At the end, we will give you a finished prototype.

Continuous Optimisation

UX work is never done. While you grow your brand, we can take care of your product’s UX. We will monitor the data, suggest changes and help you develop your roadmap.

What do I get?

The tangible outcome of this part of our work is a prototype. It will be the foundation for user interface design (UI design). Prototypes should always be tested with real users. The issues discovered at this stage can be fixed easily unlike modifying the finished product.

How much is it?

There are two possible billing types for this service. One type is billing by fixed monthly hours, for example 40 hours a month. The second one is Time&Material approach, which is recommended at the start of the project, because it allows us to get to know your business and your users in a way to recommend you a super tailored approach.

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