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Before you invest heavily in a digital product redesign of your website, e-commerce or app, identify the biggest issues that your users face while using your service. Fixing the most common usability problems will certainly improve your business outcomes. That is what UX Audit is for.


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What is UX Audit?

UX Audit is an expert analysis of your website, e-commerce or app. Its goal is to identify weak points of your service – the ones at which users encounter the most difficulties, make it hard to find relevant information or perform a task (ex. book a ticket or purchase a product).

Do I need this service?

If you find yourself in one of these situations, you may want to do a UX audit of your digital product.

Low sales results

Your e-commerce sales rates are low, you get a lot of bounces and abandoned shopping carts.

Redesign ahead

You are planning a website redesign and you want to fix problematic areas while keeping the ones that work well intact.

Competency boost

Your users report problems with using certain features, performing regular tasks, or they ask you about things they should easily find on the website.

Overworked support team

The users come to you with the problems with using the site, or they keep asking for things that should be easily found.

Poor design accessibility

Your digital product does not match accessibility standards for users with disabilities – you need help with fixing that.

How does a process look like?

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During the interview, we strive to get a deep understanding of your business and your users – who they are, what they want to achieve and what sort of problems you are solving for them.

Business analysis

We analyze your statistical data – KPIs, sales metrics, goal achievement levels, bounce rate, user flow analytics, etc. The data informs us at further stages of the process.

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User behavior analysis

We analyse user behaviour using tools, such as heat maps, scroll maps, and recordings of user sessions. We audit the usability of your digital product through cognitive walkthrough. We also inspect your website performance, i.e. website loading time.

UX and accessibility analysis

We check your digital product interface against the international accessibility standards, such as WCAG or W3C. We verify the use of colours, keyboard navigation, etc. so your product does not exclude anyone.


The entire workflow ends with an extensive report that contains our expert, detailed feedback and recommended plan of action for optimising your digital product’s user experience.

What do I get from the UX Audit?

At the end of the UX Audit, you receive an extensive, detailed report that outlines all the observations that we’ve made and a list of areas that require improvement. The usability issues will be grouped according to their impact, from the most critical ones up to the “nice to change” ones. The report also contains suggestions and actionable advice on further UX improvements.

The UX Audit may impact your conversion rates, positive brand perception, and increase sales.

How to choose an agency that does UX audit?

If the UX Audit is limited to cognitive walkthrough in terms of usability heuristics, pick the most experienced UX designer. Nonetheless, the UX Audit has the greatest impact once it takes a holistic approach to your digital product – analyzing qualitative and quantitative data, understanding your user needs and the goals of your business.

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