Ferro Group is a Polish dynamic company with nearly 30 years of tradition. They are one of the largest manufacturers of sanitary and plumbing fixtures, a sales leader, and a manufacturer whose faucets, showers, valves, and radiators are present in more than 30 countries on 2 continents. We have been working with Ferro Group for 2 years, and here is a case study on the essence of this project:


Home & Decor

Scope of work

UX/UI design & web development for e-commerce

Brand's challenge

The brand approached us with the challenge of adapting the website to the needs of different target groups, highlighting the extensive offer, and changing the brand’s perception as one that offers not only quality in heating and sanitary technology, but also unconventional design. 

The previous solution no longer met their expectations, the website was not easy to manage, and the design needed a definite refresh. We also noticed that the site was not tailored to the user groups that most often used it. However, the biggest challenge was to integrate the site with the PIMcore (Product Information Management) system, and this too was handled by our developers in cooperation with Unity Group.

Our solution

The first step was a UX/UI audit conducted by our specialists. Then the client and the team participated in a discovery workshop. This is our way of getting to know the client, its challenges and problems as well as possible, and defining further work. Such a workshop gives our client and the team working on the project several values that broaden the perspective and point the way forward.

The UX research and discovery workshop resulted in a report outlining key recommendations for the site redesign. The workshop also selected priority actions for the project. We focused on responding to the needs of the site’s various user groups – the individual user, the professional, and the distributor. In addition, the website was to include an area with a knowledge base, a catalog of inspirations, and a file repository, and the site itself was to be very extensive – at about 40 views.

Although the changes to the site were mainly based on UX and a refreshed visual layer, there was also developer support. Our developers were responsible for creating the appropriate sections on the site (the aforementioned, dedicated to the relevant user groups) and for implementing the PIMCore plugins for the site, which was an interesting challenge for us!

Common results

What were the results of the work carried out? First of all, an efficient and friendly service, for each Ferro user group. Check out at ferro.pl! The most important goal was thus achieved.

In addition, the feedback we got from the customer speaks for itself! Read the Clutch review from Ferro.

This project was a long and fruitful cooperation. The client and our team are planning further joint activities on the website’s functionalities and its development. In addition, it is worth mentioning that this is not the only website we created for Ferro! We also worked with them to create a website for their sister brand, FDesign. You can find the case study here.

The summary

How does the Project Manager, Sebastian Bezwiński, recall the beginnings of the Ferro project?

“Since I joined the project team a little later than from the very beginning, I was also able to look at this project with fresh eyes and I think it was a very valuable experience! We also caught a good rapport with the client very quickly, which allowed us to effectively take further steps. I’m proud of the entire mohi.to team, that despite a few challenges along the way, together we brought the project to a happy conclusion, and the site meets the client’s expectations. We are also very excited for the next steps together!”


Client comment – our review on Clutch speaks for itself!


“We faced the challenge of our clients and customers being used to the previous version of the website, but we have received very positive feedback. The operational side of website management has been significantly improved and regular updates thanks to the PIM integration are smooth and we have already noticed the process being improved.”

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