Ferro Group is a Polish company with a nearly 30-year tradition. The company is one of the biggest producers of sanitary and installation fittings in Central and Eastern Europe. The group has decided to create a new brand – FDESIGN – to meet the expectations of the growing group of customers that value original design combined with functional advantages and care for the environment.


Home & decor

Scope of work

UX/UI design, Web Development

The challenge

The service is addressed to two groups of users with different needs. On the one hand, an individual client (a client arranging their interior), and on the other, a professional client (e.g. an architect, interior designer). Each type of client requires satisfactory solutions within the service.

From a technological point of view, an interesting aspect of the project was the integration of the website with a PIM (product information management) system in this case, it was Pimcore.


We began our work on the website by researching the needs of users we conducted a series of in-depth interviews with representatives of both customer groups. This allowed us to get to know the real expectations towards the website.

For the individual customer, we provided the site with an inspiration section and focused on making the process of finding the right product as easy as possible. The information gathered in the research phase directed us to design filters that allow for showing products based on various criteria (e.g. style, purpose, type, assembly method).


One of the more frustrating experiences when selecting products is ‘losing’ previously searched items. That is why F-Design enables users to mark products as favourites and at the end of the browsing experience generate a PDF with a summary of the selected products.


Another frustrating feature that the users have identified on competitor sites is the need for creating an account in order to use the clipboard. We have enabled using that feature without an account.


Interior products are very often bought with eyes. Therefore, when designing the interface, we knew that products must play the main part. On the visual layer, we opted for simplicity, elegant muted colours and minimalist sans-serif typography, which helped us highlight the design of the products.


Thanks to the trust and commitment of the client, we managed to carry out the project according to the standards of user-centered design. Projects supported by research phase were positively received by the target groups.

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