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The digital companies that put design at its core outperform their competition (read McKinsey 2018 report). But it doesn’t mean they can rest on laurels once they gain such an advantage. They know that UX is not a one-time event but a continuous process that strives to create the most enjoyable product experience for its users. In what way your organisation takes care of user experience?


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What is a UX-as-a-Service?

It’s a continuous UX optimisation that takes place in defined cycles, either monthly or quarterly. The service ranges from usability tests, A/B tests to working on next product features or site structure. Any activities we agree upon beforehand.

Do I need UX optimisation?

No matter how much traffic your site gets or how many users your app has. If your company is ready to develop UX maturity and get more profits, we can help you choose the best plan of action. UX optimization is extremely helpful when

Growing a start-up

to validate ideas and determine the right direction for growth

Running a scale-up

to mindfully track changes on the site and make data-driven decisions

Managing e-commerce

to optimise conversion rates, generate more sales with the same investment in marketing, increase the average order value and other e-commerce success indicators

Generating leads on the website

to identify the very spots your visitors leave your website and optimise conversion rates

What does the UX optimisation look like?

Analyzing data

We go through qualitative and quantitative data that you have about your users using various tools, such as Google Analytics or Hotjar.

Forming a Hypothesis

Based on our observations, we generate ideas about the UX optimization and formulate hypotheses that we want to test with prototypes.

Developing Solutions

We design an alternative solution to each problem we’ve noticed; for example, a more streamlined registration process at your site.

A/B testing

It’s time to start testing our ideas – either through A/B or multivariate testing. We gather all of our findings about optimization.

Getting Results and Proposing Changes

Using hard data from tests, we assess the viability of proposed solution and we implement the one that is recommended, going through all the steps again

What do I get at the end?

UX Optimisation is conducted in the form of regular consulting services. We assign a UX consultant assigned to your project. Depending on the stage of the project, UX researcher, UX designer, UI designer or Developer work on the project too.

Significant benefits that come out of UX Optimisation include lower client acquisition costs, support costs, churn rate, increased market share and less time spent on development.

How much does it cost?

There are two possible billing types for this service. One type is billing by fixed monthly hours, for example 40 hours a month. The second one is Time&Material approach, which is recommended at the start of the project, because it allows us to get to know your business and your users in a way to recommend you a super tailored approach.

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