Product Design Sprint

When creating a digital product, you run into many unknowns, such as budgeting, finding product-market fit or the right business model, etc. Fortunately, we help you answer all of those concerns during Product Design Sprint, a workshop for resolving product challenges.

What is Product Design Sprint?

Product Design Sprint is a tool developed by Google Ventures for testing novel ideas and uncovering complicated issues. In their original form, the workshop lasts 5 days and has 5 stages: problem mapping, drafting possible scenarios, deciding on a solution, prototyping, testing.

Do i need this service?

If you answer with ‘yes’ to one of those questions, this is the right service for you.

Do you want to check if you’re solving the right problem?

Do you want to measure your product’s chance of success?

Do you need to raise Venture Capital or get an investor on board?

Do you want to learn how much it would cost to develop the product?

What is the process?

Day 1

During the first day we investigate the context of the project – discover user needs and motivations, your business goals and the advantage that you have over the competition. The goal is to define the problems that your future digital product solves.

What do you get on Day 1?

  • UX personas
  • User Centered Design Canvas

Day 2

On Day Two we focus on generating ideas and solutions to the problems we defined earlier. Get ready for loads of writing and drawing. We will prototype your solution. By the end of the day, you should have an MVP – a minimum viable version of your product that we can test.

What do you get on Day 2?

  • Information Architecture (IA)
  • User Flow Diagram
  • Paper Prototype

Day 3

Taking all of the things we worked on until this point, we will create a clickable prototype of the product. You would be able to test in the computer or phone browser, send to users for testing or show to the investors, so that they have a clear understanding of what your app is all about.

What do you get on Day 3?

  • Clickable prototype – we create wireframes of the key elements of the app and linked them together, so that you can validate your idea without code.

Day 4

Test your idea as soon as possible to make sure that you’re building the right thing for the target users. At this stage, we will test your app with 4-5 users – that’s enough to decide whether the initial hypotheses are the right ones and see if the project is easy to use.

What do you get on Day 4?

  • Test scripts – we will prepare tasks for selected users
  • Test report – we will run a moderated remote tests with real users and give you a written report with our findings and recommended course of action

Day 5

We modify the prototype based on the test results on the last day. This prototype can be used for the next steps of the projects and it is the base for estimating cost of development.

What do you get on Day 5?

  • high-fidelity prototype – we will prepare a prototype ready for development

How much does it cost?

In larger organisations, dedicating a full day for workshops may not simple.

For that reason, we can tailor the workshop to your needs and time frame. We can customize the workshop, so that it takes from 2 to 5 days to complete. Let us know what you would like to achieve during the workshop, and we will move things around, so that you can get the most value with it.

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