Illustrations have power – they tell a brand story so incredibly well that even the best of photos pale in comparison. Illustrations add a friendly vibe, attract attention, help navigate the user through the interface. For that reason, they increase conversion and influence the brand recall and customer loyalty.

What do I need illustrations for?

Photobanks, even the most expensive or niche ones, are what they are – banks of stock photography taken by people who have no idea about the existence your brand nor your product. Custom illustrations made exclusively for your business add a unique and friendly flair to your business.


A picture is worth a thousand words. A multistage process or brand values can be explained with a single illustration that appears next to a headline.

Attention, please!

The sheer volume of information we encounter on the Internet every day is immense. The incessant wall of headlines makes it hard for brands to get users’ attention. Illustrations make your brand stand out from the competition.

User friendly

Even the brands from the IT world move away from a cold, tech-heavy image. Solutions that are regarded as friendly look beyond well-organized and clear processes. Very often it is a well-matched illustration that makes us reach decisions faster, find exactly what we look for and put us at ease.


In we believe in brands and we want to build brands that are memorable. Our skill set allows us to boost your brand communication, build brand strategy or a unique UX of your app. With illustrations, we can add a human touch to your product.

What does the process look like?

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We have to start somewhere. The best solution are workshops during which we will understand your brand and generate ideas on how to tell your story in a visual way. Sometimes it’s surprisingly easy, sometimes it’s challenging to say the least – but the results are always spot on and satisfying.

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Research & moodboards

To make sure we really reflect the vibe and tone of voice of the brand, we conduct research, gather inspiration and show them to you in form of moodboards. We will keep you engaged throughout this time, so that we can discuss every tiny detail. We want your brand to shine in front of the others.

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Then we move onto sketching, drawing and more sketching. We use paper, whiteboard, or even leftover pizza boxes when the moment strikes us. Then, we digitise our work, so we can make it look good on screen. Then, we sketch even more…

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Even the best of illustrations can be a little better. We go through a couple of rounds of modifications, which allow us find the perfect shape, form or message.

We will tell your story

WINS is a software house that creates accounting solutions. Their new website was supposed to revamp the former image of the company and show it as an inviting and creative workspace. Illustrations gave the brand a friendly image and accomplished things that a standard photoshoot could not do. They also helped express brand values and work approach.

Attract the right people

Companies from the creative industry are always on the lookout for the unique ways of attracting new employees. Our job offers at mohito need to catch the attention of the right candidate and create the right impression. We have decided to use pop-culture references to make sure that we will have the same sense of humour and share some kind of understanding with the future work mates. Check our Instagram account for more of these beauties!

Warm up your brand

IT companies are created by people and for people. They are not created for robots who see only blue colours and understand minimalistic wireframes-styled design. Even it we don’t feel it is the case while looking at their ways of communication.
We added colours to our clients IT brand. And their users love it. They feel way more comfortable with human-touch design, they aren’t afraid to reach out to the company, ask questions, buy products. They like it, remember it and come back for more.



Assist user in their journey

Not every company has a straightforward offer. Sometimes service or a product is much more complicated. In Quantup’s case, we’ve chosen to show three branches of their offer with three main illustrations. But it wasn’t enough. To show the complexity and processes behind their work, we have created a whole bunch of illustrative icons, and use them in various ways on the website, presentations and other print materials.


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Do you need illustrations for your brand or your product?

You’re in a good place. Leave us a message and explain what you need.


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