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Zieta Studio is a team of architects, designers, engineers, and technologists who work together to create unconventional products. Zieta is an international brand, set at the intersection of design, interior design, and art. They create functional furniture, interior accessories, and sculptures, as well as custom commissions.



Scope of work

UX/UI design & web development for e-commerce

zieta studio case study zieta studio case study

In addition, their outdoor sculptures can be found in urban spaces, and collaborations with artists, limited collections, and the number of product variants are very impressive.

All this is created using the unique and proprietary technology of the brand’s founder, Oskar Zięta. FiDU technology, as it is referred to, is an original and original way of transforming metal sheets into three-dimensional objects. Thanks to its uniqueness, the brand has gained popularity at an express pace and the scale of its activities is worldwide. China, Middle Eastern countries, and the USA are just some of the markets where Zieta Studio products can be found. The client’s approach to ecology is also impressive. In its daily operations, Zieta pays a lot of attention to the impact it has and can have on the planet. It is worth noting that Zieta Studio products are single-material. The fact that they are made from a single raw material is no accident – this facilitates potential recycling in the future. The brand uses a whole host of such small-scale solutions. We will talk about some of them later. 


Our cooperation with Zieta Studio began when we met the client at the Warsaw Home & Contract trade fair. There, we got to know each other a little better and had a chance to get to know the brand, its philosophy, and its products better. We also talked more about the client’s needs for the project.

zieta studio - case study zieta studio - case study

Brand's challenge

The client approached us with a specific challenge – the company had two websites. One served an image function and the other was a shop. Both sites were not keeping up with the product they presented, were too slow, and needed a lot of changes. 

The aim was to both implement new solutions, refresh the design, optimize the site in terms of user experience, and, above all, create a new, single website that would fulfill both the shop and image functions. So we started everything from scratch.

case study - zieta studio case study - zieta studio

Our solution

We started our work with a discovery workshop involving the project team and the team on the client side. This allowed us to discuss the needs for the site more broadly, find out what problems staff and users were experiencing with the old site, and talk about expectations. After this stage, we took action. 

We opted for a solution that involved creating a completely new site, perfectly tailored to the needs of both the client and the user. A single site, an extensive administration panel, and a lot of innovative solutions – we knew that this would definitely make things easier for the people who deal with the shop.


The entire backend of the site was created from scratch by our development team. A custom administration panel was built, tailored to the client’s needs, in line with the content on the website, and, above all, comfortable to use. Two-way integration with the ERP system was implemented. We chose an extensive, advanced, and intelligent solution – ideally suited to the customer’s needs. The system is responsible for synchronizing the product database and stock levels. There was also integration with the Przelewy24 payment gateway. An advanced search engine was implemented in the shop, which uses AI to analyze the content of queries and offers extensive analytics to ensure high-quality results.


Additional integrations in the project include:

  • integration with GUS and Vies,
  • integration with Google Maps API, 
  • custom integration with Instagram,
  • use of AWS infrastructure and integration with Cloudflare.


For front-end development activities, we took a similar approach to customization. The entire site is tailored to the uniqueness of the brand, and the design team also took care to present the products appropriately and enhance the user experience. The site is kept minimalistic and modern.


zieta studio - mohi.to case study zieta studio - mohi.to case study

And when it came to design – we had a lot of room for creativity here! During the workshops and initial discussions, we learned that Zieta Studio creates its entire production process based on a bottom-up approach. It consists of starting from the material, whose characteristics and properties shape the design of the product, which influences the technological process, and the sum of the above is realized in the final form of the object.

Inspired by this approach, we decided to look for how we could replicate it in the creation of the new site. Following the idea that the digital product we create is made up of pixels that form a grid that shapes the whole, we decided to focus on this. 


In the design process, based on the proportions of the viewport, the view was divided into 16 squares arranged horizontally and 9 vertically. This gave us a grid with a basic module of 120x120px, which was granulated to 60x60px for greater design freedom. This value became the basis for any spacing between elements, margins, or component sizes. One of the challenges we encountered during the design process was also the need to combine this unique layout with the ability to edit it – in the end, we managed to create a suitable solution through a custom design approach.


For more order, a perforation was also introduced to delineate the main axes along with the dominants – following the example of the tri-division rule in photography. We took this inspiration from Zieta Studio’s 3+ series products. The most important content or photos that require user attention are arranged on the axes of these dominants.


The most unique elements that can be seen in the custom design of the site are:

  • the asymmetrical arrangement of elements on the grid,
  • different sizes of design modules,
  • an extensive product configurator,
  • dark mode, which allows less energy to be consumed when in use.
zieta studio - case study by mohi.to zieta studio - case study by mohi.to

Common results

Thanks to the joint efforts of the teams, we were able to give the client a bespoke shop. A site was created that reflects not only the brand’s character but also its values. Fully customized e-commerce solutions using Laravel technology made it easy for the client to operate the shop. The server on which the site is hosted is powered by green energy. In addition, there is an option to switch the whole thing to dark mode to consume less energy.

In the previous sites, a major challenge was the insufficiently developed user path. The current one is much more developed and the products are more easily configurable, resulting in higher conversions. In addition, both the desktop and mobile versions of the website are fully optimized for the highest possible conversion and speed.


It is worth noting the new shop features, such as:

  • multicurrency [PLN, EUR, USD],
  • multilingualism,
  • extensive mailing process, with a fully automated mechanism,
  • price conversion mechanism – individual price conversion for B2B customers depending on the type of sender and the target country [this includes architects, office buildings, offices, galleries],
  • a product configurator that allows personalization of material, size, and dimensions, as well as an intelligent configurator on the shop administrator’s side that allows the presentation and creation of multiple price, product, and offer variants.


To summarize – the scale of Zieta Studio’s activities and the unusual nature of the brand’s products required us to act tailor-made. Therefore, our product is fully customized, adapted, and functional. In the proposed functions, we focused on intelligent solutions that will make it as easy as possible for the client to work with the shop through automation. Cezary Olowski, who was the lead designer of the project, says more about the project:


“I think this is one of the projects I am most proud of. Zieta Studio is staffed by very talented and open-to-innovation people who are as passionate about design as I am. So it was a Tinder match from the very beginning. Together we’ve created a great and timeless website that not only meets all the business objectives but is also just incredibly aesthetically pleasing.”


This is how Bartłomiej Czerniak, Business Strategist/Analyst and Board Member of Zieta Studio, recalls our cooperation:


“The success of this project is undoubtedly due to a very good relationship with the mohi.to team, which from the beginning is based on trust and a desire for mutual understanding. We were thus able to give a lot of freedom to the team in the creative process, focusing on communicating needs rather than interfering with the results of the work. mohi.to’s agile and open approach to challenges and changes, as well as their thoughtful analysis and candid advice, resulted in a final working product that exceeded our original expectations.   

We look forward to continuing to work together and introducing more solutions that positively impact the Zieta brand experience for all site users.”




Paweł Dymek Headless Team Lead; technology lead, back-end development

Mateusz Tarasiuk Junior WordPress Developer; front-end development

Michał Wilk Senior Shopify Developer; front-end development

Cezary Ołowski UX Team Lead; UX/UI design

Grzegorz Teszbir Senior UX Designer; UX/UI design

Anna Dąbek UX/UI Designer; UI design

Lyubov Moc Content Editor; tests, content support

Marek Wierzbicki Project Manager

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