Scope of work

Web design & development

Teagle is a new brand of Geotik, a company based in Wrocław. It is used for managing auto fleet. Teagle helps analyze the driving patterns of drivers, manage vehicles and optimize business processes through third-party systems integrations. Our job was to design a website that would attract B2B clients.

Web design

Web design

Teagle is not a cookie-cut solution - it is tailor-made to every business that becomes a client. The target market is composed of companies that manage a large auto fleet - corporations and big institutions.

The design of the website combines modernity (communications and IT industries) and tradition (business based on trust, partnership and relations).


The information architecture was designed in a way to meet every business requirement of the brand - show the system and its functionalities, inform about additional services, introduce the brand, boost content marketing and generate leads. You can see the finished project at https://teagle.io

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