RUKE is a manufacturer of unique custom mirrors, bathroom cabinets, and glass furnishings. The brand has been on the market for more than 30 years, and is known for its innovation, high quality, and modern aesthetics. These are also the main pillars that determine the direction of development and the company's philosophy. What distinguishes RUKE on the market is its unconventional approach to personalizing the product to the customer's needs and the highest quality products offered.



Scope of work

UX/UI design & web development for e-commerce

Brand's challenge

The client came to us with the challenge of creating a new e-commerce site. Previously, the brand had been operating under another domain, which, despite its very apt name and great commercial success, did not represent RUKE and did not strengthen the brand’s position in the market. 

The decision to have a completely new store and focus on our branding was therefore dictated by the need to strengthen brand awareness and the dynamic growth of our Client’s business.

We started our joint activities with a technology workshop, which brought us closer to our needs and goals. This stage was essential for us to accurately identify the Client’s expectations and equip ourselves with knowledge useful in subsequent phases of project work. It also enabled the project team to plan their activities accordingly. In the course of many discussions and considerations, among other things, the technology of the store was chosen – we opted for Woocommerce, which best suited the Client in terms of functionality, integration, and product fit.

Our solution

Already knowing the needs of the new store, we started operations. It is worth noting that RUKE specializes in mirrors tailored to individual customer needs, which involves several individual orders, and such an approach requires personalized solutions, also (and especially!) at the e-commerce level.

One of the most important elements of the entire store is the product configurator. It is through it that the customer can add or subtract given elements from the mirror to create it the way he needs it. A clock, a heating mat, or perhaps additional lighting? All these can be included in a given model chosen by the user. We have also offered some other interesting solutions in the store, such as an automatically generated document or link that provides a detailed list of elements of the configured mirror, or the ability to edit the product from the shopping cart. Currently, we have published the store in Polish, while work is underway to expand the RUKE brand to foreign markets.


We also took a custom approach to the design of the store itself. At the very initial stage, mockups were designed, and at the UX stage, we did usability tests and individual interviews with users. After this stage, we started designing the UI. The whole store is strongly based on product visualizations and high-quality videos, which further illustrate the nature of RUKE products. 


In addition to the main elements of the site, an Inspirations section was created, which, in the form of a blog, will enable further development of the RUKE brand. During the process of creating the store, we consulted on an ongoing basis on the assumptions of the project and also advised on the issues of the development of the site itself and strengthening the brand’s position in the market.

Common results

Creating e-commerce from scratch for a brand already operating in the market is sometimes a challenge. We often reconcile existing assumptions with those parts of the project that are completely new.

These types of projects require close cooperation between several teams, often going beyond certain frameworks and taking a holistic view. We are confident that the new RUKE store is the beginning of even greater growth for the brand, and we are happy to be a part of it.


Designer’s comment:

„While working on the new e-commerce store for RUKE, we were driven by two main objectives: openness to user needs and reflecting the unique character of the brand. We opted for solutions that would allow maximum personalization of the product, as well as a modern and user-friendly design.

As a result of our joint efforts, we have created a store consistent with RUKE values – a key element for further development of the brand. I’m happy to have been part of this process.”

– Bartek Musiał, UI Team Leader


Joanna Błauciak – Project Manager

Bartek Musiał – UI Team Leader

Karol Serafin – WordPress Team Leader

Kacper Raksimowicz – WordPress Developer

Rafał Kosioł – UX Researcher

Michał Kobyłt – WordPress Developer

Mateusz Tarasiuk – WordPress Developer

Mateusz Witkowski – Senior WordPress Developer

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