Richter Motors

Industry : automotive
Project Scope: Brand strategy, visual communication, Web design and development, Web app development

The Richter Motors project was one of those that make us love what we do even more. Imagine a situation where you’re approached by a client, then given a free hand and 100% creative freedom, with the client accepting everything you pitch them without much discussion. Then you implement your solution and everything you worked so hard on eventually translates into real-world success for the client. Well, that’s exactly what happened in this case.

We were commission to draw up a brand strategy, develop the brand’s visual identity, then design and develop a website and a dedicated Web app that would help our client’s customers look for the young timers of their dreams.


For the brand name, we picked the German-sounding name of the company owner. Although at first sight it may seem a little trivial ar first sight, the brand strategy we drafted is also highly insightful. Many automobile fans are often of two minds when it comes to the decision to purchase a car that’s fundamentally going to be nothing more than a toy. So the communication plans include both emotional arguments, “Now or never,” and rational ones, “This is an investment.”

The heavily typographic logo was invigorated with a little animation—elements of the letter H move like pistons inside an engine. Brands are increasingly often shifting to strictly online communications—why then should we limit ourselves to only static forms in our logo design efforts?

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From the very first meeting and up to app launch, we kept busy polishing every detail to make everything look and run perfect. Mockups, prototypes, sketches, test prints. Sheets upon sheets of sketching paper, a ton of pencil shavings, gallons of coffee.

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