MOWI is the largest salmon farmer in the world. As the brand expands into the highly competitive US market, we were engaged to develop a MOWI Salmon US website to introduce the brand to US consumers.



Scope of work

UX Design, UI Design, Development

The challenge

Why choose our brand? What makes MOWI salmon the best choice for the conscious consumer? How are we different from competing products?

MOWI bases the communication and website structure on 4 pillars, reflecting the main values of the brand: Responsibility for the environment, Healthy products available in many variants, Tasty recipes, Transparency of production.


Our aim was to engage internet users long enough for them to stay on the site, to increase their brand awareness and knowledge of the health benefits of salmon consumption. That is why the content, including video content, is delivered in an engaging way. Moreover, the site navigation is smooth and at every stage allows you to quickly find the nearest shop selling MOWI products or instantly buy them online.

An extensive database of salmon recipes, together with articles on cooking techniques, as well as video tutorials and guides, ensure a continuous and organic flow of internet users for whom the content on the site represents real value.

A clear division into 3 product lines (Essential basic, Gourmet a line offering restaurant-like experience, Smoked smoked products) enables a clear presentation of the entire range of MOWI products offered on the American market. The presentation of the brand is equally important. Including sustainable production methods as well as social and environmental responsibility, as MOWI has been setting standards for the entire fish processing industry.


Several interesting functionalities have been introduced within the project.

Salmon traceability tool

The uniqueness of MOWI salmon is not only about taste and environmental responsibility, but also about being able to trace where the fish you plan to buy comes from.

Each package of MOWI salmon is marked with a unique QR code which, when scanned with a mobile phone, reveals the history of that particular fish: where and when it was born, how long it spent growing up in Norwegian fjords, when and by which trawler it was caught, and at which plants it was further processed. Thanks to MOWI’s remarkable technology that tracks every fish, the consumer can see the farming process and MOWI’s standards right in the shop, which is an additional factor in their purchasing decision. An added value is the associated meal suggestions with shopping lists and cooking instructions.

Detailed product description

The product card has been enhanced with detailed US-required nutritional information, which we present in the form of thoughtful cards for the serving and for the package.

The regulator specifies in detail how data should be presented, i.e. the font size and order of information, so that it is always available in a standardised and accessible form. We met these requirements, giving the product card valuable content and the consumer access to additional information.

Find your shop

Are you planning to buy MOWI products for your restaurant? Check out where you can find the nearest shop.


The key metrics we were able to improve by implementing the new version of the site reduction in abandonment rate, increase in pages visited per session, number of sessions per user.

The success of the project made the client ask us to use it to prepare services for other markets. We are currently adjusting our project to the needs of the UK market.


Our collaboration with MOWI goes far beyond this one project. Read more about our collaboration in the review on Clutch.


What does the customer say about us?

Internal stakeholders are utterly impressed with the high quality of’s work. They stand out for their strong customer service and willingness to go the extra mile. Their project management is seamless, and their team has a great work ethic and personality. Overall, they’re great partners.

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