Hi! Coffeedesk

Coffeedesk is a brand that needs no introduction for every coffee and tea enthusiast in Poland. It is one of the largest European e-commerce sites dealing with everything related to coffee. Hi! Coffeedesk is one of several projects we have worked on together.



Scope of work

UX Research, UX Design, UI Design, Front-end development

Coffeedesk project by mohi.to Coffeedesk project by mohi.to

The challenge

Being one of the e-commerce sites that is renowned for great customer service, the idea to create a coffee subscription service came to Coffeedesk naturally. Responding to repeated customer requests for a coffee subscription seemed like an obvious step for the brand. This model is gaining popularity around the world, and the products offered by Coffeedesk are perfectly suited to subscription sales. Coffee drinkers know all too well the pain of discovering that they have suddenly run out of coffee.

mohi.to team was invited to participate in the project to help with the delivery of a visually appealing and functional website. In addition to working on the UX and UI of the website, we were also responsible for front-end development.


We started work on the service with a discovery workshop, during which we defined the priorities of the project, discussed the business model, user profiles, competitive environment and technological issues.

Knowledge about the service’s customers was then deepened during individual in-depth interviews. The aim of the study was to find out the key elements of the product delivery process in the subscription model, identify the strengths and weaknesses of similar services offered by competitors, learn about customers’ habits, needs and expectations, and create a list of recommended functionalities.


We also prepared an analysis of competing solutions operating in the subscription model, which allowed us to look at good practices and interesting design patterns.


After the discovery and research phase, we moved on to prototyping. Critical areas that we considered were the ordering process, subscription management, as well as pages explaining how the subscription model works.


The key element contributing to a good user experience is an attractive visual layer of the website. It allows us to evoke the emotions we want our product to be associated with among the users. The UI layer was designed on the basis of the brand book provided by the client. It is based on vivid colours, bold typography and individual illustrations. This is complemented by micro-interactions and animations that make the website even more engaging.


After the design phase came the time for development. Our work focused on the front-end part. Effective communication is crucial for the efficient implementation of the project. In order to ensure the fastest possible information flow, our development team was in constant contact (instant messaging, regular status meetings) with the client’s team.


Cofeedesk is one of the e-commerce companies whose customer experience is set as a benchmark in the industry. Listening to customers’ needs always pays off. We are glad that this time, again, Coffeedesk has achieved its business goals maintaining a long-term relationship with regular customers, as well as attracting new ones who were previously beyond the company’s reach.

This project is also quite a success for us our cooperation has been rated 5 stars by the client on Clutch. 🙂 

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