edrone provides cutting-edge tools and technologies that instantly increase customer engagement and sales for e-commerce companies. The company approached us with a need for a modern website that was intuitive and reflected the brand values.


IT Consulting / e-commerce

Scope of work

UX/UI design & web development for e-commerce

Brand's challenge

By their admission – they were looking for someone who would fully understand their needs for a new site.

Our initial graphic designs were met with very positive feedback, and they decided to continue working together. edrone wanted a site that was modern, bold, with an over-the-top design, as well as strong, distinctive, and dynamic. They wanted to combine design with clarity of message and a businesslike approach. And that’s the kind of design we like best! 


There was also a second challenge on the horizon – time.

Our solution

We started the work by preparing our proposals for the views of the site because we knew that the client was exceptionally keen on a common vision and moving in one direction. During the trial designs of the Homepage, we also jointly decided that headless technology would most accurately meet the client’s needs in terms of presenting animations and using dynamic solutions, without changing the parameters of the site.


So we set up the site using headless technology with WordPress as the CMS. We designed more than 10 custom sub-page views and prepared more than a dozen illustrations, which were then pre-designed, implemented, and coded on the site. Another task was the migration, which involved a blog in several language versions, which we transferred from the Ghost system. The entire process required attention to several details, such as ensuring that the SEO-related results developed by the client were not lost and that historical posts were displayed correctly in the new environment.


The entire site currently functions in 4 language versions and more are planned. For each of them, it is possible to add separate editors and content tailored to the region. In addition, we needed to integrate the site with Hubspot CRM, Intercom chat, and implement Google Tag Manager and Google Maps. 


And what about the time challenge? We designed the site and successfully implemented it in less than 5 months!


Upcoming plans also include integration with an ATS-type recruitment tool, implementation of a widget for collecting feedback, and more language versions of both the site and the blog. The project is alive all the time, and we are not stopping!

Common results

Have the goals we set at the beginning of the cooperation been achieved? 

By all means. A modern and dynamic website was created, which premiered on the client’s social media channels on the day of the launch. The website is an important element in the client’s strategy to perceive the brand as businesslike, but also expressive, and bold. The CMS that was implemented works well in terms of different teams working on the content it contains, and there is currently an English, Polish, Portuguese, and Romanian version, with an Italian version planned.


After the launch, the site was audited for loading speed by an external SEO agency. Experts said it was amazing how fast it loaded despite its dynamic and animation-filled form.




Kuba Bogucki: UX/UI Designer lead designer of the project

Kamil Ficek: Senior Solution Architect

Rafał Porowski: Junior WordPress Developer supporting the main developer

Anna Adamiec: UX/UI Designer designed the blog views

Bartek Musiał: UI Team Leader

Lyubov Moc: Content Editor

Asia Blauciak: Project Manager


PM’s comment


“The review on Clutch with the highest rating of 5 by the client 3 days after the website launch speaks for itself. As a team, we acted quickly and efficiently. We immediately responded to the client’s inquiries and solved their problems. The client also came back very efficiently with feedback, we worked very well with him. Team design argued their design choices very well. Team development was able to explain sometimes more difficult and intricate technical issues to the client. We were agile, we were transparent, and it paid off for everyone.”


– Asia Blauciak, Project Manager


Client’s comment


“With the mohi.to team, the project went smoothly and delivered the expected results. They designed a modern, fast, and SEO-friendly website with a structured and easy-to-use CMS. Smooth communication allowed the team to progress toward their goals quickly.”


– Monika Kasperczyk, CMO edrone


Read the full Clutch review here




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