Chabre is an outsourcing company in the IT sector. They specialize in team leasing for corporations worldwide. They operate in the B2B (Business to Business) area, in addition to internationally, and most importantly they are growing very rapidly. And this was also the kind of developmental solution they needed when they approached us.


Outsourcing IT, B2B

Scope of work

UX/UI design & branding for a B2B company

chabre case study chabre case study

Brand's challenge

The main challenge they approached us with was to refresh their brand image and create a new website, particularly well-designed in terms of UX/UI.

The client noted that with their rapid growth, they needed a website that would showcase the modern character of the company and its employees. After all, a business website is the main showcase of a company, especially one operating in the B2B sector. In addition, a completely new branding, logo, and graphic design was needed so that Chabre could be associated with its core values of responsibility, commitment, sustainability, and quality. 


We started our work with a joint discovery workshop where we thoroughly researched the client’s needs, and got to know their values, philosophy, and the needs of their customers better. No shortage of brainstorming, testing, and research allowed us to deeply understand the client’s scope of activities and needs.

chabre case study desktop views chabre case study desktop views

Our solution

We responded to the challenges themselves in two ways – our design team focused on creating the branding and designing the site from scratch. The design process was expanded due to the custom solutions that were implemented on the site. Particularly noteworthy was the animated map with testimonials of customers and employees from all over the world, which emphasizes the internationality of the company’s activities. 


The development team, meanwhile, took care of coding the site in WordPress. WordPress was the technology of choice because the site itself was quick and simple, yet customizable. Tools such as Traffit for recruitment adverts, additional pages, and some small but effective animations were also added during the design process.

chabre case study mobile views chabre case study mobile views
chabre - case study chabre - case study

Common results

Thanks to strong involvement from the client’s management, we were able to get to know and understand the brand in depth. As a result, we were able to create a modern, simple website to suit the needs and requirements of the growing brand. The whole image was also complemented by refreshed branding and a modern logo. Did we achieve the goal? These comments speak for themselves!


PM’s comment: 


“By working closely with the client from the outset, we were able to understand the needs and values of the brand, and the collaboration of the design and development teams ensured that we achieved our goals. I would like to thank the whole team for their commitment and the Client for trusting us to take action.”


– Andrzej Suwara, Project Manager


Client’s comment:


“Working with the team has been very developing for us. They approached our challenges holistically from the beginning and wanted to get to know the Chabre brand to understand it as well as possible. The proposed solutions work well in our daily communication with our clients, and the new branding fits our character. Thank you!”


– Mateusz Młynarczyk, CEO

case study - chabre case study - chabre
chabre case study - website views chabre case study - website views



Kamil Ficek – Senior Solution Architect

Rafał Porowski – WordPress Developer

Patryk Chudzik – Front-end Developer 

Rafał Kosioł – UX Research Mentor

Klaudia Sziller – UX/UI Designer

Anna Tołoczko – UX/UI Designer

Kuba Bogucki – UX/UI Designer

Andrzej Suwara – Project Manager

chabre website - desktop views chabre website - desktop views

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