Bittersweet Paris



Project Scope

Web design & development, m-commerce, Shopify Plus

BitterSweet Paris is a streetwear fashion brand that has been steadily growing in popularity with young people worldwide. The BitterSweet team approached us to help them implement a website based around the Shopify e-commerce platform. Our mission was to provide comprehensive website development services—from designing a functional mockup, through graphic design and front-end development, and up to implementing the Shopify Plus platform.

we wanted to make the world around us

more colorful and fun

Bittersweet Paris


Products Front and Center

We designed a simple, minimalist website—the technology recedes and puts the vibrant and avant-gard fashion designs front and center before the visitors.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

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Shopping Habits of the Post-Millenials

We don’t think anybody will be surprised when we say that 8 out of 10 Gen Zers shop online using their mobile phones. This is particularly important to the fashion and lifestyle industries. Often times, mobile purchases are unplanned and impulsive—made as the Zers scroll through their social feeds.

Therefore, we put particular emphasis on purchases made using smartphones. A traffic analysis suite installed after website launch allowed us to optimize key elements of the user journey through the store: the product listing, the product cards, and the checkout process.


Implementing Shopify Plus

We picked the Shopify platform for its flexibility, scalability, reliability, its emphasis on security and the wide range of store management capabilities usable by people without a technical background. Key benefits of using Shopify include:

Tailored E-Commerce Experience

Great user experience happens by design only. You can adjust every single detail to adress your specific customer needs.

Multiple Sales Channels

Adding specific sales channels for Facebook, Messenger, Amazon, and Pinterest is only a single click away.

Over 1,500 Plugins

If you’re planning to launch sales in Europe, the US, Australia or Canada, Shopify will be perfect for you—the sheer number of available integrations (shipping, invoicing, warehouse management, marketing, etc) is stunning.

Easy Inventory Management

Proper inventory management is the basis of all successful e-commerce endeavors. Shopify is designed to make it easier for you to run your business without breaking a sweat.


Shopify is not an open source platform and is kept on lightning fast and secure servers owned by Shopify itself. This allows the platform to easily handle both a couple of order per minute as well as a couple of thousand orders per second.

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