Web Design

A company website is an extension of the physical store or a hub for business. Potential clients and employees visit your website and form their judgment about you. No matter if you do a website redesign or you are just starting out, we can create a website for you that brings your visitors a delightful experience.

What sort of a digital agency do you need?

You know perfectly what sort of an agency you don’t want. That’s for sure. You’re looking for a team that comprises excellent communicators (answer phone calls, reply to emails), timely professionals who deliver quality projects. You need someone who can advise you at every stage of your website development. You need guidance at every step of web development so that you end up with an extraordinary website.

What can we do for you?

I need to launch

New websites need special care, we do a lot of research a lot about your user to create the right experience and meet your business objectives before designing.

I need to redesign

A business can grow out of their current website because it no longer communicates their values, we help brands modernise websites and improve navigation.

I need a design system

We do design systems that help brands keep a visual consistency across multiple websites or developed platforms.

I need a complex solution

Website’s look and feel is one side of the coin, we work with you from start to finish to create a custom solution for you – we develop it and optimise.

What is the process?

Research & analysis

Every project starts with a thorough analysis of the problem we are here to solve. By learning about user problems, business goals and listening to you, we dive deep into the problem, so we can create the right experience.

UX prototype & tests

Once we internalise the problem, we take to prototyping the right solution. We test the design at every stage of prototyping to make sure we’re creating the right thing for you and your user.

UI design

We design UI according to all UX specifications from the previous step, adding in the right visuals that support your brand, be it high-quality photography or custom illustrations, and making sure that the interface represents your brand.


Once you accept a web design, we go straight to work on the site development. Our developers make sure the website is responsive, secure and loads fast on popular devices desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. We mainly build websites on WordPress, one of the most popular CMS out there.

Continuous optimization

A running website is just a start. We can monitor your website stats, analyse visitors behaviour and optimise it with multivariate or A/B testing, and implement improvements.

Start now

We are eager to talk to you. Contact us  and we will ask you a few question about your project. Tell us what you need – a completely new website, website redesign, site optimisation. We’re here for you.


What do our clients usually ask us about?

Can we start immediately?

Unfortunately, we cannot. But we will find the most convenient time for sure.

What does the team look like?

It depends on the project scope, but usually UX Researcher, UX Designer, UI Designer, Front-end i Back-end Developer, Project Manager will work on your website.

How do we communicate with you?

Usually, we work in Basecamp and Skype but we’re flexible.,We can adopt your communication software, be it Slack, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Jira, Asana or any other you use at your company. 

What's the price?

We have a couple of cooperation models. If we manage to estimate exactly how long it would take to develop your site and what the project scope is, the price would be fixed. We can also work in sprints or set up an hourly rate.

What are the first steps from now?

Once you get in touch, we will set up a meeting or a discovery workshop where we gather information about your business goals, your target demographic and the industry. It helps us to design the right thing you need

Are you ready for the next step?

Write or call, let's talk, let's see how we can work together.



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