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IT, cloud technologies

Project Scope

Brand strategy, visual identity, Web design and development

Seiloc is one of the leading providers of cloud technologies worldwide. Our agency was commissioned to conduct a comprehensive overhaul of the company’s brand identity.

Seiloc logo

It's time to move your business to the cloud

Innovative technologies should make our everyday life easier and that’s why when developing apps our main focus is on making sure they meet your actual needs.


Our process

Seiloc - stage of project

Nothing Left to Chance

Before starting any sort of design work, we organized a branding workshop for the client, during which we managed to define the company’s mission and vision, examine its competitive environment, and identify its strengths, weaknesses, and target audience. Only when we established where we were and where we wanted to go were we able to draw up a strategy that would help us deliver these objectives.

These efforts produced a document that laid the strategic foundation for the overhaul, defining brand values, brand identity, its own unique voice, and methods of setting it apart from the competition. Only with that comprehensive document in hand did we start laying the groundwork for overhauling the brand’s visual language.

Evolution of the Logo

Business Transformation

In the course of our analyses, we determined that many of the companies that implement comprehensive cloud solutions end up using no more than 10% of the capabilities offered by the purchased product. The Seiloc brand is different—it strives to help its client avoid exactly these types of situations and puts great effort into making the digital transformation its products promise a reality, rather than an illusion. So we decided to base all of our communication on that particular consumer insight.

The logo has a distinctly open form; by design, it’s supposed to stay in constant motion—to change shape, the visual effects of which can be seen in the attached GIF. Its shifting nature is a reference to the business transformation that companies undergo thanks to Seiloc products and services, it defines the brand as flexible and specializing in devising solutions tailored to the needs of each and every client. The letter S inscribed in the circle is made up of individual segments, itself a reference to the implementation of custom-made solutions and combining diverse technologies. The logo has been augmented with simple yet unique typography.

  • Current situation
  • Transformation
  • New Work Model
Seiloc logo
Animated circle as a symbol of transformation

Color Scheme


Expertise | Transformation | Modernity | Innovativeness | Spirit

Strong color saturation, combined with a tonal shift, confers a modern image while simultaneously communicating openness to change and commitment to innovative solutions.


Gravity | Respect | Steadfastness | Stabilization

Dark navy blues are associated with confidence and reliability. Often used in the visual language of major corporations with stable positions within their respective industries.


Formality | Competence | Technology

Dark grays contrasted with navy blues—used to temper the remaining colors, also associated with technology.

Cloud white

Transcendence | Honesty

Whites introduce a measure of gravity and calm; they’re associated with honesty and clarity in collaboration; like the grays, whites also serve to temper the more vibrant colors.

Seiloc - identyfikacja

Roboto is a very nice font!

Seiloc - Enterprise solutions

Comprehensive services for cloud technology deployment.

Having analyzed your business needs, we implement Office 365 and G Suite your solutions for communication and cooperation.We provide tools to operate your company email, calendar, and cloud storage. We will migrate the data from your legacy systems and integrate new solutions with your current infrastructure.

We will migrate the data from your legacy systems and integrate new solutions with your current infrastructure.

Logo manual


UX/UI Design

How do we design a website for a company that doesn’t sell its services online? In cases like these, most new business comes in from referrals, and prospective clients use the website for due diligence purposes. By emphasizing the company’s credibility and expertise, its comprehensive offer, its willingness to share knowledge, and by making it easy for users to find the contact form, we can be sure that the website will serve that particular purpose.

Graphic Design


Resolution 1920 px
Gutter 20px
Columns 15
Column width 60 px