Project scope

User experience, Web design & development

Corporate web design is always a great challenge. So, when the Wrocław branch of Nokia asked us to design their new website, we suspected that the upcoming months would bring us a great deal of fun. We were not mistaken ;) The Wrocław-based Research & Development Center inspired us to put a unique spin on the project.



User experience

Our challenge was to design a website that meets multiple demands. First, it should inform the visitor what the Wrocław branch of Nokia is and what it does (informative goal). It also should showcase all the company’s initiatives and secure its position on the city’s landscape of innovation (image-building goal). Lastly, it should streamline the company hiring process and help candidates make up their mind about switching to Nokia and attract the right applicants.

For the first few months of the project, we worked on the information architecture, user flows and prototypes. We tested various scenarios that a user could go through when searching for information and moving through the website, and ended up with a high-fidelity prototype based on those tests.


Original design that respects a brand guide

The project specs required an adherence to a brand visual identification system. Faced with the detailed guidelines that strictly described the components of visual language, we found designing the website to be a great experience, and the final project makes it certain that we are on Nokia’s website.

We wouldn’t be ourselves if we did not add our mark… If one of you feels nostalgic about the legendary snake game typical for Nokia’s old school mobiles, take your chances at a game at Nokia’s 404 page ;)



A picture is worth a thousand words. Even more if this picture is an infographic. To show to the users some of the processes (company story, hiring process), we designed a series of illustrations, using main brand colors. Adding candid photos of employees into the mix, we broke a professional corporate image.

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PS - play snake game at